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Computer Speed & Performance Boost

Over time your computer or laptop may start to slow down and the overall performance can suffer. Keanes Computer Services can reverse this process bringing your computer back up and running like it used to. We will optimise your hard drive as well as increase the speed at which your computer starts up and operates.
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Virus & Malicious Software Removal

There are many types of malicious infections that can cause problems with your computer. Keanes Computer Services can remove the infections and restore your computer system. We can install a free antivirus program on your computer to keep your ...Read more
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System Failure Repair

There are many ways in which a system can fail. If your computer or laptop fails to start up, shuts down unexpectedly or crashes then Keanes Computer Services can help. We will get your system back up and running again.
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Operating System Reinstallation

There is a number of reasons why you may wish to reinstall your operating system. Keanes Computer Services can reinstall your operating system along with all system drivers. We will also install free antivirus software to keep your system safe.
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