Adserve Connemara

Adserve Connemara by Keanes Computer Services

Get your advert seen in SuperValu Clifden, where up to 17,500 people shop each week.

  • There is a 22” flat-screen monitor at each of the six checkouts in SuperValu Clifden.
  • There is also a 22” flat-screen monitor in Keanes Computer Services, Clifden.
  • A maximum of 30 digital advert slots are available. Each digital advert lasts at least 10-15 seconds long.
  • Adverts play on a maximum six-minute loop.
  • Your advert displays on all seven screens simultaneously, for at least ten seconds, every six minutes at minimum.
  • Your advert displays a minimum of ten times per hour, 130 times per day, and 910 times per week, per screen. This totals 5,460 times per week in SuperValu and 300 times per week in Keanes Computer Services at minimum 

We can design your first advert for free, or you can supply your own!

Prices start at less than 2 per day.


Annual, Six-month & Three-month Packages Available


  • We can change your advert as often as you wish, upon request.
  • You can supply your own adverts or we can design additional designs at €35 per advert, plus VAT).

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