Adserve Connemara

Adserve Connemara by Keanes Computer Services

Get your advert seen in SuperValu Clifden, where up to 17,500 people shop each week.

Annual & Six-Month Packages Available

  • There is a 22” flat-screen monitor at each of the checkouts in SuperValu Clifden.
  • Each digital advert displays for 15 seconds each time.
  • Adverts play on a maximum six-minute loop.
  • Your advert displays on all screens simultaneously, for 15 seconds, every six minutes at minimum.
  • Your advert displays a minimum of ten times per hour, 130 times per day, and 910 times per week, per screen. This totals a minimum of 5,460 times per week.
  • We can change your advert as often as you wish, upon request.
  • You can supply your own adverts or we can design additional designs at €35 per advert, plus VAT).


Prices start at €10 per week.


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